Pulau Ayer: Temukan yang Terbaik disini

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pulau ayer

Tidur dengan deburan ombak, coba deh Pulau Ayer.(Doni)

Pulau ini terkenal dengan cottagesnya yang mengapung. Cottages mengapung adalah ciri khas Pulau Ayer. Pulau yang konon pernah menjadi tempat peristirahatan presiden. Cottage apung ini desainnya bernuansa etnik Papua. Nama-nama cottagenya juga berasal dari tempat-tempat di Papua, seperti Fakfak, Serui, Enarotali atau Ayamaru.  Pulau ini dapat ditempuh dari Marina Ancol sekitar 15-20 menit dengan speedboat.

Konon, Pulau Ayer tempat rekreasi raja Kepuluan Seribu zaman dahulu. Dulu, Presiden Tito dari Yugoslavia dengan sekretaris Jendral PBB, U Nu, juga pernah berkunjung kesana. (Wikipedia).

Temukan yang terbaik di pulau ini.

Room Rate

Harga bermula dari Rp 800.000,-/orang/malam. Harga sudah termasuk:

  • Boat PP
  • Welcome Drink
  • Makan 3 x

One Day Team Building/Outbound Pulau Ayer Rp 542.500,-/pax min 50 persons

Harga termasuk:

  • Boat VV
  • Welcome Drink
  • Lunch 1x
  • Coffee Break 1 x
  • Team Building Games
  • Tax & Service
  • Free soft copy photos
  • Fun Games/Team Building Instructor
  • Drinking Water
  • Entrance fee to Marina Ancol

Fasiltas Pulau Ayer:

  • Restaurant
  • Meeting Room
  • Karaoke
  • Drug Store
  • Ojar Stage
  • Park

Aktivitas Seru di Pulau Ayer

1. Land Activities


2. Sea Activities



Informasi dan Reservasi


021 60547361

081398631454, 085781222647

Located only 15 – 20 minutes from Marina Ancol, Jakarta, Pulau Ayer has been known as the best, cleanest, the most exclusive island, and also as the brightest of the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu).

In ancient times, this island (Pulau Ayer) was the private recreation retreat of the former kings of the Thousand Islands. It was also used by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia as his private vacationland many years ago.

When you have been busy making a living and forgotten how to enjoy live, go and seek out a cottage at Pulau Ayer, and it will all come back to you. While you stay in anyone of the 45 cottages you will be living in a totally different atmosphere from the busy lifestyle from the city, cause there is no air pollution, no such thing as traffic jam, you will only find peacefulness.

Especially if you stay in the floating cottages that have been uniquely designed and built 3 meters above sea level, and they all have a glorious view of the ocean. There is also a traditional masseuse available to help you lose the muscle tension and soothe away your cares.

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